Istanbul…A new super star in the world of cruising?

Stunning cultural heritage, well-preserved sites, and great food. What would please a savvy cruise traveler more? Today’s Istanbul is the rising star as “the” destination to visit for the upmarket cruise lines.

Imagine for a second you are in one place that you are enchanted by architectural masterpieces, cherished by smiling faces and mesmerized by delicious cuisine. It all happens in just one day! Istanbul is the gem among all other East Mediterranean ports, where most cruise travelers vote as “best value” shore experience ashore.

Touring Topkapi Palace seeing Ottoman Treasury, exploring the beauty of tiles of Blue Mosque, sipping sweet apple tea at the shops of the Grand Bazaar are just among the few of uncountable pleasures you can seize as you wander through the streets of Old Constantinople. It is an exciting city that immediately will glorify your day with much of joy and taste of life.

Its inhabitants express much vivacity and warmth that would make you feel “the local” after two minutes of conversation. This is probably why most cruise travelers end up returning to Istanbul and Turkey for a longer stay.

With its dynamic young population and robust economy, Istanbul presents itself as one place where you can find vibrant night life with an amazing variety of clubs and restaurants. Serving the most appetizing dishes of Turkish cuisine, shores of Bosphorus have trendy restaurants and venues where you can spend your night until early hours of the morning blending with sophisticated Turkish crowds.

In case you may decide to visit Istanbul for a few days before or ending a cruise vacation, you would find it most rewarding to experience a private yacht cruise on Bosphorus, exploring the suburbs of the city adorned by mansions and palaces. It is an amazing city that has some special experience or some gorgeous edifice hidden in each and every corner of it.

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