Discover Turkish Cuisine through the culinary experiences of Vanguard Travel Services

  Happy calories… That’s what Turkish cuisine is all about. Yes, we all have our taste for the “delicious”…Some like it hot while some other like it mild… Good food finds its addicts very easily.

Discovering Istanbul and taste of its contemporary life would be quite restricted if you couldn’t get a chance to get yourself introduced to the mad variety of food offered to its people at restaurants, diners, cafes and on even floating fishing boats docked at the pier of Eminonu.


Turkish people has a wonderful approach to their food; they have it located right in the heart of their life. All activities, get-to-gathers, chit-chats and all that fun among friends happen around a table of good food. The Turkish Cuisine has flour as its corner stone, that all those cookies, cakes, and super crispy bread are baked with. Turks manage to bring the flour into their ovens blending it with chopped beef and lamb to create masterpieces of culinary arts. It is without discussion that they adore their meat. Maybe it’s a heritage descending from nomadic days, but today’s Turks are genius in preparing grilled meat dishes and dairy products, especially that of yoghurt, which is a Turkish introduction to the world.

Founded by a true foodie, Vanguard Travel Services is an expert in developing unique culinary experiences in Istanbul. Being in touch with the chefs and owners of well-known restaurants and cafes, Vanguard enables the food enthusiasts to seize the opportunity to meet with talented, well known “food architects” of Istanbul and enjoy one-on-one cooking experiences at unique venues. Culinary tours are operated with all the attention to details and creating chances for travelers to meet with spice merchants or grocery owners in person receiving first hand inside information about “good ingredients” accompanied by the chefs themselves.




It isn’t only the famed chefs but Vanguard has the access to homes of  Turkish families that would like to host travelers to make them enjoy their home-cooking. “It is an enchanting thing to see how a Turkish family and a visiting American guests can get so close to each other over the preparation of an imambayildi, a famous eggplant dish, and create such precious bonds of friendship and joy. In the end of the day we are all human beings and food is the warmest expression that we all can enjoy good things and good life together” says Ferit F. Kayrak, President of Vanguard Travel Services. It is highly recommended for the savvy travelers that look for the out-of-the-ordinary get a chance to enjoy a private culinary tour of Vanguard Travel Services. They do not only get you to taste delicious food but they also get you to meet with delicious locals.

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