A word on Asia Minor and its Christian heritage

Melting pot of civilizations, abode of culture, the crossroad of civilizations are only few of the definitions that I can think of that honor the wealth of heritage of Asia Minor which today determines the geography of Asian territories of Republic of Turkey. As early as 7th millennia, we get to see mankind founding the town of Catalhoyuk, located in central Turkey, establishing earliest an urban settlement in history. It is here we also note the practice of most primitive form of religion, worshipping mother goddess as “the” god and adorning her with most of the qualities of today’s image of god that exists in monotheistic religions. The influence of mother goddess image has maintained its position and respect in all various cultures occupying Asia Minor. Newcomers simply associated an equal image from among their pantheon to that of the existing image of mother goddess. When we approach the subject from this angle, we sure can understand why the early Greeks built Temple of Artemis, that was known as one of the Seven Wonders of the World, at the very spot where indigenous people of Asia Minor were sacrificing animals in the name of mother goddess. The consequence was that Greek  Goddess got totally influenced and left her “huntress” image behind, accumulating a much stronger image that had its roots dating back to 7th millennia.

When we take a break and concentrate on reasons why the uprising organized against Paul at Ephesus had found so many participants, we can very well understand that the thousands of years old tradition of a female image of a god was then threatened by the Word of God pronounced at Ephesus. What a heart winner, what a smooth talker Paul must have been to persuade his listeners to follow the way of a “male” image of a god rather than the previous one dating back to 7th millennia!

As a native of Asia Minor, originating from Tarsus, running his craft and trade as a tent maker, Paul was a highly educated Roman citizen that must have had vast knowledge on commercial, social and cultural structure of Province of Asia Minor that must have assisted him in the right direction to penetrate into minds of his followers as well as his strong faith that did lead him into the hearts of the people.

In 2012 it can well be noticed that Paul has been the “Alexander the Great” of Christianity, uniting the ancient world on the Word of God.

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