Why explore the Christian Heritage of Asia Minor with Vanguard Travel Services?

After The Word has first been pronounced in Asia Minor two thousand years ago, it is still alive here in the New Holy Land. The scope is “how to follow the soul of the Christian travel and make the trip a pilgrimage of a lifetime”. Vanguard Travel Services and its team of dedicated guides have many years’ expertise in delivering tours and shore excursions for Church parishes throughout Turkey. Although Biblical sites are all the same, with the ever-changing world and its travel trends, Vanguard Travel Services comprehends the fact that the Christian traveler looks for experiences that will elevate their travel to a spiritual experience. Whether it is getting a Christian family join the traveling congregation for lunch or creating a one-on-one get-together opportunity with the leader of a local congregation, both the operational team and its hand-picked guides are well aware of value that they would bring to the Biblical tour by making such “real” experiences happen.


Accumulated experience and know-how play crucially important parts upon the need to be able to craft and reroute programs in accordance with circumstances constantly being rescheduled these days due to various reasons whether for heavy air traffic or operational inconveniences. If you know you have a partner on ground that is as skilled and as well-connected as Vanguard Travel Services, you can then rest assured that you will still be able to perform your tour program as it is the talented team of Vanguard Travel Services that will do all the necessary revisal and arrangements for you. The type of accommodation that would be best fit to your groups’ needs, the high quality of its brand new coaches, its choice of restaurants and, above all, its experienced team of guides are all among key components that makes Vanguard Travel Services stand our as the premier ground operator for Biblical tours.


For the best value Christian experience and a flawless ground operation, you should contact Vanguard Travel Services to serve your Christian groups in Turkey.

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