Alacati: A New St. Tropez on the Mediterranean…

Cool breeze is wandering through the alleys of stone built houses in early hours of the morning as the cheeky sun is just rising behind the olive orchards shimmering over the Turquoise colored sea and here you are waking up to the most beautiful morning that can be experienced in your room at an elegantly decorated stone-built hotel at the gem of Turkish Riviera, Alacati.


It is no wonder why Turks are a bit possessive about their love for Alacati; it is so charming with its architecture and so captivating with its warm hospitable locals that you just don’t want to be anywhere else on the planet as it is here, in Alacati, that you feel at home more than your own home. Your day will start with the  singing of the teapot on fire brewing your Turkish tea, breathing in the fresh scents of jasmins and roses. A former wine producing community now evolved into a most charming destination with its food, architecture and its surrounding beaches. Elite of Istanbul has already discovered this fabled town and some even bought properties that they now occupy as a “get-away” home from the hustle and bustle of the big city.


Walking through the narrow cobble streets, boutiques of all kinds will present you the most authentic products from mastic cookies, home-made gels to antiques waiting for its next savvy owner. A lover of Alacati, Ferit F.Kayrak, has lots to say about the town as it is where he spent his childhood summers; “I remember how I used to trace cows in these narrow aisles running between the houses leading on to the market square. I craved for the cookies and gave such a hard time to my parents for a “cookie extravaganza” sipping out tea seated with locals full of vivacity. Look now, I send most affluent clients to this enchanting destination with full confidence that they will be as mesmerized as I was when I was a kid”.


As the President of Vanguard Travel Services, Ferit started promoting Alacati five years ago as the “destination prive” for travelers looking an ambience that is rather less-traveled, like how Myconos was when it was first discovered by the movie stars of Hollywood. It is truly a part of Turkey that would pass on you the feel of an Aegean Island with splendid beaches, delightful ambiance and great restaurants. Yet, Alacati is such a resort to visit where you can still rarely come across foreign travelers; maybe a couple of Americans at a fish tavern or a few Europeans at the yacht harbor. “Owning a piece of land got me connected to this soil from a totally different aspect” Ferit says as he continues sharing his love for the destination, “It is about what I feel for its inhabitants that are so warm and so hospitable and about what I discover in its heritage historically and architecturally. At each travel show that I exhibit, when I start talking about Alacati to prospect clients, I repeatedly feel the joy and excitement of finding a hidden treasure.”


As an appointed On-Location Partner of Ensemble Travel Group, Vanguard Travel Services offers tour programs and vacations to the affluent clientele of North American travel agencies that look for unique experiences. Alacati is the perfect destination for couples, honeymooners or families that would look for a relaxing ambience with style, experiences and good food and Ferit at Vanguard Travel Services is no doubt the best travel advisor to craft the A’ la Carte vacation here for the discerning traveler.

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