Istanbul… The crown jewel of World history

Whether you visit Istanbul for business or pleasure – or even as a half-day shore excursion during a cruise – we can supply private tour packages specifically tailored to your individual requirements including accommodation, exclusive guides, and transportation services. Istanbul is the pulse of Turkey and the crossroads of Europe and Asia. This captivating city of 14 million inhabitants features historical architecture, rich museums, world-renowned religious sites, and fabulous shopping opportunities.

Whatever your taste and style, Istanbul is sure to enthrall. For those with a gastronomic interest, Istanbul offers a superb choice of dining options, from charming local taverns to internationally celebrated five-star restaurants.  Olive oil and fresh vegetables play the starring role in Turkish cuisine which reflects the rich and varied cultures of the Mediterranean, including Greek, Armenian and Lebanese. Our team can even arrange for a cooking lesson or two!

Trade has been an integral part of the city since 13th century B.C. and remains so today. For those with a penchant for bargains, Istanbul is a shoppers’ paradise. Follow your guide through the Nur-u Osmaniye neighborhood and the bazaars, hunting for the best deals for the famed Turkish rugs, folk art, jewelry, and more! We take great pride in our ability to customize our programs to suit the unique interests and needs of each client, and in offering special opportunities not available to larger, scheduled tours.

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