A gem on the Aegean: Çeşme

Once a historic Roman town, Çeşme today is bursting with activity. Located near İzmir, by the Aegean Sea, Çeşme is one of the most prominent touristic centers in Turkey.

With a wide array of beach resorts nearby, it is the perfect place to enjoy the sun-kissed beaches of Aegean. As an important windsurfing center, Çeşme also offers good spots for windsurfing.  With a variety of restaurants, taverns and cafes in the center, the nightlife is lively and the historic ruins in Çeşme and in picturesque villages like Alaçatı, satisfies those with a cultural appetite.

Whichever is your vacation style of choice, Çeşme surely will deliver and with its customized tours, Vanguard Travel Services will be there to make your stay in this lovely Aegean town, even more pleasurable.

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