The Splendor of Ottoman Empire: Topkapi Palace

At the conquest of İstanbul, Mehmet the Conqueror chose a site on the forum Tauri (Beyazıt square) for his first palace. The so-called ‘’Old Palace’’ –Saray-ı Atik- is referred to in the sources as a walled complex, although no traces of it now remain. İt features, however, in some old maps and plans of İstanbul, on the site of the present  University of İstanbul main building. It is thought that the walls surrounding the university building follow the original walls of the palace, while the main portal is thought to have been where the present entrance is.

The new palace was begun within these walls between 1472-1478 and construction continued throughout successive eras with additions being made right up to the mid 19th century. The palace complex includes lodges, pavilions, state offices, dormitories and barracks and private quarters, a mosque, library and huge Kitchen.

Topkapı Palace became a museum in 1924. It has undergone a number of restorations since then. The first courtyard, also know as the -Ceremonial Court- Alay Meydanı contains, on the right, the offices of the Ministry of Finance -Defterdar dairesi- and on the left, Haghia Eirene, the Ottoman armoury.

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