Izmir, Alacati Turkey

Come visit Turkey! Now, this summer…

Located on the eastern shores of Mediterranean, Turkey started experiencing a delightful summer after cooling of the protests at Taksim Square of Istanbul.

With the closing of the schools for summer vacation, streets of Istanbul are now much less busy with daily traffic that makes touring the city much more fun. It looks as though the people of Istanbul left the city for their summer resorts to enjoy turquiose colored waters of the Mediterranean. This is absolutely the perfect time to enjoy good life in Istanbul at its famed restaurants and night life ambience avoiding crowds.

On another note you can very well consider combining Istanbul with one of the seaside resorts such as Ayvalik, Alacati and Bodrum. Now it is possible to hop on a seataxi from the pier of Four Seasons Bosphorus and get yourself transported to the pier of your seaplane. In no more than twenty minutes you can be up in the air and head your way south to check out the charming resorts famed for their beautiful beaches and charming ambience. Check Ortunc Club Hotel (www.ortunc.com/en/) on the waters of the Aegean for a most relaxing and tranquil ambience that would be the best fit for honeymooners or continue your flight southwards on to Alacati where the winds compose inspirations for surfers and water sports lovers.

Enhance your evenings in Alacati with lavish tables of seafood and appetizers (www.alacatiferdibaba.com/) concluding with a serene overnight at Antmare (www.antmare.com/en/default.asp) before you hop on the seaplane for the last call, Bodrum, to experience ‘dolce vita’ of jetset Turkish society at the famed Billionaire Club (www.billionairelife.com/eng/il_club/bodrum) of Yalikavak.

Come visit Turkey! Now, this summer…Treat yourselves with delicious food, good wine and all the epucurian goodies.

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