Cooking Experience in a Home


Begin your day with the unique experience of changing continents within only minutes by boarding the local ferry to cross the famed strait running between Asia and Europe which also promises you superb views of some of the historical mansions and impressive palaces along with the skyline of Istanbul adorned with domes and minarets of Byzantine and Ottoman cultures. Docking at Kadikoy, one of the oldest settlements in Istanbul and now a busy neighborhood on the Asian shoreline of the Bosphorus, you will hop on thenostalgic tram for a short ride through Bahariye Boulvard to the charming neighborhood of Moda to try out the ice cream of Ali Usta that Istanbulers adore as the most delicious ice cream on the planet. You will find out what surprises the little local shops at the back streets of the neighborhood have to offer you while walking through the narrow pedestrian alleys to reach the bustling atmosphere of the vivacious open market of Kadikoy with its eye-dazzling displays and stalls overloaded with heaps of various fresh vegetables, fruits, spices and seafood. You will then meet your host at the small traditional coffee shop of Fazil Bey’in Turk Kahvesi to enjoy a little chat over a cup of Turkish coffee to get to know each other better and hear the necessary tips before you start your shopping to purchase some of the ingredients you will need for the following cooking class at her house. Your host will welcome you in her own kitchen and share her instinctive wisdom and inherited skills in preparing a menu composed of traditional dishes in an interactive environment which will engage you in the experience as well. You will get a chance to meet the rest of the family when you invite them over for the meal after the table is ready and adorned with the delicious meals reflecting also your efforts and contributions. You will bid farewell to the family at the end of the day and return to your hotel still under the influence of the enchanting smells and tastes from your culinary experience today.


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