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2nd GUEST COMPLIMENTARY on Shore Excursion of Ephesus

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Ephesus with Terrace Houses

Docking at the port of Kusadasi, you will be welcomed by your private guide who will be holding sign having your names printed. After getting introduced to your lecturer/guide who will be leading and guiding you through the world’s best preserved Roman city, Ephesus, you will board your luxury van and ,you will head on to Selcuk. This small town was the very first settlement of Ephesus that was founded by the Greek colonists as early as 11th century BC and remained inland due to the silting of the port of Ephesus. At the vicinity of Selcuk there rests the timeless city of Ephesus where history and archaeology will offer you their majesty with incredible richness. Ephesus was the Capital of the Province of Asia Minor during the Roman Era, and was, therefore, the scene of many political intrigues while bearing an immense richness due to its port and its trading activities. A city with such importance and wealth had prestigious buildings that survived up to today in a wonderful state of preservation. You will be walking on the Marble Road that runs through the city, having various structures resting on it: Temple of Hadrian is a unique beauty with its articulate facade while Libraryof Celsus has all the expression of the grandeur of hay day of the Roman Period. Today you will also tour theTerrace Houses, the ancient residential section of Ephesus, where you will be observing the flamboyant style of luxurious life of Ephesians. Among all the archaeological remains, the Great Theater of Ephesus bears the major archaeological importance as the largest Roman theatre surviving to today.

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